• The 500 Club  Vistage International 2014
  • Distinguished Leadership Award – DRI Foundation 2012
  • Overseas Speaker of the Year – TEC Australia 2011 – 2012
  • Fast Track Speaker Award  Vistage International 2010
  • U. S. Speaker of the Year  TEC Canada 2009
  • Top 50 Contributors in 50 year history – Vistage International 200

comments about dan's work:

“Invaluable, priceless, and incredibly informative. I was blown away.” CEO, Charleston SC

“Both timely and vital to everyone here.”  President and CEO, Blacksburg VA

“Your impact on me was profound.” Group Chair,  Washington D.C.

“(you) make a difference in the professional lives of business owners” President, Houston TX

“I do believe I became a better man last weekend.   Thanks…!”   CEO, Longwood FL

“It was another hit out of the park.” CEO Group Chair,  Sonoma CA

“A complete and total "Aha" moment for me ...”  CEO, NYC, NY

“You are truly top of the heap!”  CEO Group Chair, Chicago IL